Happy NEW Year!

Happy New Year, Friends!

I know, I know… it’s the fourth of January and I’ve only now gotten paperwork sorted, email addresses entered, and am blogging for the first time in months, but… in my defense, Milo and I had a very eventful last half of the year.  Blogging monthly is truly one of my “New Year Resolutions” for 2017… so is working my way into the lap pool at the Rec Center. I suppose it’s a “wait and see” deal.

I finally took Advanced Craniosacral Therapy offered in Colorado Springs with Avadhan and Dick Larson.  The advanced classes are small – only two groups of five students.  Sleep deprivation, long hours of giving and receiving bodywork, and very moving experiences on the table make for lifetime bonds of friendship.  (Surprise, Classmates!!! I’ve got your email addresses now, suckas!  You can totally unsubscribe and my feelings will not be slighted at all. smiles)  I was very honoured to work with this group – we called ourselves “The Aspens” – for being able to root down and connect like aspen groves. We made a lot of headway in our own paths as well as covering lots of work as practitioners.  Dialogue with the tissues, organs, and even cells is what Advanced Craniosacral or SomatoEmotional Release is ALL about. It comes down offering neutrality and taking the time to listen to the body’s Inner Wisdom – to get to the root of what in the body is being affected, why, and what we can negotiate together in re-establishing balance, movement, fluidity.

After Milo’s knee surgery and two months of lugging his rear half around with a sling – he healed up splendidly.  Hooray!! Thank you to everyone who supported us in that.  It was a really big deal.  He’s back to long walks at the park, romping with puppies, and sparring at the doggie day-care.

I, too, had the privilege of surgery to finish 2016 off with.  Really, it was a profound event.  I had the immense support, prayers, and good vibes from many.  Every day was like experiencing a bunch of itsy-bitsy miracles as I felt my body release the anesthesia and heal.  It was super incredible to receive craniosacral and glial cell work in my brain as I overcame the after-effects of surgery.  I firmly believe that some things happen for a reason – and for this, I think it will help me grow as a practitioner.  Anesthesia was a huge kick-in-the-pants – as in parts of my face were still going numb six days later!  I look forward to learning more about our fascinating brains and the techniques to help restore balance post-surgery.  It was sorta cool to have the past six weeks off to read ALOT of bodywork books too.  Sorta.

It’s great to be healed up, back in Colorado, and ready to make 2017 the best year so far!  I very much look forward to sharing all the new things that I’ve learned with you!

Much love, peace, & contentment to all of you in this new year,