Spring Again

There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

  Anaïs Nin

This week brought us the first day of spring.  And, I suppose, for many of us, it brings the spring-desires to grow, change, spread our wings.

As many of you know, I’ve been pounding along this path of spiritual growth for the past couple of years.  It hasn’t been easy, but every day, I grow, morph, evolve, and find that the more I learn brings me to knowing how much less I know.  Ha!

Great universal lessons in humility.

As spring comes this year in the blossoms of the trees, sneezes, longer days of sunshine, and my own desires to spread my wings, flap harder, and experience all of the divine in nature and life, I awaken from the winter of recovery and rest.  I see the new blossoms and I allow myself to blossom as well.  I’ve been working on my own physical body this year too.  I’m pleased to find that my alignment is changing with Pilates twice a week.  My feet and toes are so much more flexible.  My chest has opened up.  And my core is getting stronger and stronger.  I also began Krav Maga classes.  Both of these endeavors have been giant exercises for my central nervous system.  It’s been greatly rewarding and educational to watch how quickly my muscles respond to verbal cues in Pilates as I’m on the Reformer and it’s been challenging to watch my body struggle with grasping the concepts of punching and kicking in Krav Maga.  Everything begins slowly as the neurons fire to make these new actions happen.  I’m definitely having a jolly good time tiring my nervous system out, even if every new drill in Krav starts out in ridiculously slow-motion.

These new lessons in my body lead to exploring more.  Not only have I needed to adjust my rear-view mirror because my alignment has changed, literally and figuratively, but I also have experienced how limited I’ve let my chest expansion become by trying to hold everything in.

Our emotions really do affect our physical bodies as well as our energetic planes.  And if you let it, perceptions shift quicker than one can blink and everything you’re feeling changes too.

We are a whole package of physical, emotional, and spiritual being entwined with the great vibration of all else in existence.

So, take a moment, connect with your breath, close your eyes, and feel what your body is saying.  Find the restrictions in thought and tissue, allow it to be, inhale, exhale, and let it all go.

Later, gators,