Summer “Flies” & Mosquitoes

The distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.
-Albert Einstein

Summer flew by again.

A lot of splendid things happened – blogging was not one of them.

Milo and I spent my birthday in Taos, New Mexico – slightly outside of town in the Taos Canyon in an old red, white, and silver RV at the Enchanted Moon RV Park.  The stars were divine.  The chipmunks next to our front door were fascinating – more to Milo than to me.  And we continued to work on valuable life lessons such as, “Avoid Surprises: Do Not Put Snouts in Ground Openings.” We also went to the Greater World Earthship community.  They even let Mo tour the visitor Earthship.  We drove the Enchanted Circle Scenic By-Way – checked out Cimmaron, Angelfire, and Eagle Nest Lake – read that we might see elk, eagles, moose, and other wildlife – but actually saw two chipmunks.  It was cool.

Upon return, I started going to Astral Spa – a place in Parker, CO that has four saline float tanks.  It’s an sensory deprivation tank – 8 – 10 inches of water with 850 pounds of Epsom salt added – no light, no sound, no anything… really – just drifting into the cosmos and one’s soul.  It’s been rather rad to experience this – my own limitations in fascia, comfort, nervous system and my “need” to have my body aligned where it “should be” in the tank or else I float to the side and “get lost”/freak out for ten seconds and then watch myself problem-solve how to find the sides of the tank and how attached I am to knowing my boundaries within this experience and perhaps – even grander – the boundaries within this existence that I hold to. So what is that – weird volcanic noises coming from my throat that only Milo hears right now – as I breathe out and say whooaaahh.

I took the first workshop on Craniosacral & The Immune Response at the end of July.  It was amazing.  Our cells are working so very hard for us … ALL of the time. I learned that sometimes, our immune system, gets confused or isn’t quite sure what to do exactly, or doesn’t always know that there’s a “trickster virus,” bacteria, or fungus even existing in our bodies.  Just like us, our cells need a little help/guidance from time to time.  We learned how to tune in to the craniosacral rhythm of the immune cells and how to identify the vibration or energy of all of the types of B and T cells, as well as how “bubbly-like champagne” stem cells feel.  Through the smallest particles of life, I have an even greater appreciation of the vastness of our universe.

I finally attended my FIRST Red Rocks Amphitheatre concert – Peter Frampton and Steve Miller Band.  Seriously – the sound was perfect!! No more to be said – it was the best first concert there that I could’ve attended.

Ibby and Phil came out again for their “Second Annual Colorado Trip.”  We joined them for one night at Aspen Canyon Ranch – near Silverthorne.  It was chilly – ermm, COLD – somebody (me) packed Milo’s blanket but forgot mine. (How does one remember a pillow and air mattress, but forget the blankets?! Sighs…)  I bundled him up past his ears and Ibby & Phil let me borrow a sleeping bag. Thank You!!  There was a bear on the property… we were fortunate enough only to be startled by a pine cone hitting our tent sometime in the night and to not pop the air mattress when Milo jumped up in alarm. Always the “city dog.” Smiles. Ibby gifted me the most fabulous massage I’ve had in a long time.  The gal did something called Phenomenal Touch – but mostly … she was super intuitive and it was much-needed and super-rad.  I do a lot of self-care, but I need to make sure that I do more massage self-care.

Another Phil from Ohio came to visit as well – and last night we went to check out Sacred Hoop Ministry in Woodland Park – for the crystal bowl meditation.  It was held in a yurt on their property (unlike the camping experience, this was warm- yet I did learn my lesson and now pack a car-blanket-no-matter-what, so I was prepared for mountain-chilly).  The meditation was based on letting physical pain go and spiritual rebirth happen.  It was a beautiful experience – my throat chakra finally opened up again, my jaw released, and my heart left very full of love, light, and energy.  Sound vibration and the energy of it … there is very much something to it all!  One must try it to experience it.

We had some some great walks and girl-to-dog talks this summer – met some “town coyotes,” a snaggle of baby snakes, listened to Plum Creek run full and suffered a full on mosquito assault, got knee-up in “ant country,” and simply… enjoyed our summer.